Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Great Cress Experiment

My watercress seeds arrived on time from Fedco Seeds, and I decided it was time to start the Great Experiment.  Once the little plants are established, with healthy roots, I plan to transfer them to an aerated bucket system and grow them in water (which is their preferred medium), but until then, they'll live in rather boggy seed starter mix.  I made use of an old salad mix container (they make perfect little greenhouses) and a dollar store tub, which makes a great little "pond" for my cress starter to live in.

After soaking the seed starter mixture for several hours, making sure it was very saturated, I sowed the very fine seeds.
They are very fine, much like carrot seeds, and I have lots...which is good, because I may just kill some of these off before I have success!  It looked like they had about 80% germination rating on the packet, so I guess its good to have extras in case they don't do so great in that regard, either.
A light layer of vermiculite to hold the seeds in place, and off they went into the Germination Station.
With any luck, in a week or so, I should have little green seedlings started.  God speed, little watercresses!

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