Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ooh, Technology!

I've been playing around with a garden planner software program offered through Seed Savers Exchange.  It seems to be the same planner offered everywhere--nearly ever seed company seems to have it, as do many green-living magazines--but aside from being slightly ubiquitous, it's fairly helpful.  It's rather fun to play with all the shapes (mainly rectangle, circle and triangle forms, with the option to have them open or filled), and there is something nifty about clicking on different veggies and fruits.  Whammo!  There they are, in your garden bed, with correct spacing and everything.  Actually, that bit is helpful in the extreme.  I'm forever planting too many plants per row, and then having to thin or deal with pruning later...yes, I know I could actually follow the directions on a packet and figure it out for myself, but there is something nice about a program that says "put 10 here, idiot".  Very straightforward, right?  In any case, it's something fun to fiddle around with from time to time.  I'm not sure if I'll purchase it beyond the free month trial, though.  I'd rather find an app, that I can stick on my phone or iPad and cart out to the garden with me.

Hmm...I wonder if there's an app for that?

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