Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chitting Away

I got my box of potatoes from Moose Tubers the other day, and I am so excited.  I opted for one of their variety packs this year, and I got five varieties that I have never tried before.  In the box there was one pound each of French Fingerling (a fingerling variety, duh), Magic Molly (a purple potato), Red Pontiac (a rather fat type of red potato), Peter Wilcox, also known as Blue Gold (blue skinned with a golden interior), and Augusta, a good floury white potato.

They will rest on the porch, growing some nice little shoots, for a couple of weeks and then I will plant them in the large galvanized barrels that I use for my potato growing.  I'll sterilize the containers with a bleach wash first, and then fill them with a mix of composted hay from the Bunny Barn and a good all-around soil mix for containers by Pro-Mix.  Park them in the sunshine, and they should be happy as clams...well, potatoes, at any rate.

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  1. My potatoes are ready, but my garden is not. It rained again, so no tilling today. It's rather chilly too. I love Red Pontiac. This year I bought some organic heirloom variety. I hope to save some to replant next year.


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