Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gardening Bits

This weekend has been glorious.  I broke out the worn gloves, the ratty hat, and my trusty garden fork and spent a lovely morning in the garden yesterday.  I am trying not to go too mad, which is a challenge, so really, I only dug up two beds.  This one is planted with ziar breadseed poppies.  After digging over, weeding, and adding some handfuls of worm castings (my version of slow release fertilizer), it was simply a matter of sowing seeds and patting them into place.  After this photo was taken, I covered up the newly dug dirt with some mesh trays and bits of caning to keep the cats off.  They do love it when I dig over their potties...

Then it was on to sowing America spinach (under the fleece tunnel) and purple-podded peas (the metal supports are temporary, and mostly serve to keep the cats off).  There's nothing quite so satisfying as a morning spent outside, sowing some seeds and digging in the garden!

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