Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My, How They've Grown!

The wee kits are getting larger as the days go by.  Right now, they are likely about a pound each, more or less, and about the length of a hot dog bun.  A wiggly, white furred hot dog bun. 

Man, are they cute.

I'll be sexing them and separating them soon, girls in one cage and boys in the other.  They are pretty much weaned at this point, much to Ophelia's delight.  She's a very good mother, but eight active children constantly climbing on her and wanting to nurse all the freakin' time wears a doe out.

In a couple more weeks, Alys Fowler's first litter should appear.  She's a rather twitchy and territorial doe, so I'm wondering how she will do with everything.  I'm certainly not expecting her to tolerate me checking her babies out as readily as Ophelia lets me.  With any luck, she'll do well and I won't need to fuss with her teeny kits too much.

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