Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun with Pumpkin

Isn't this a stitch?

Anyway, just a brief update:  
The Pumpkin Ale is pretty dang good.

It nearly shot out of the bottle when I opened it (there is nothing like a ferocious KAPOW to enliven your beer drinking experience), but once it settled down it behaved itself nicely in the glass.  There's a bitterness that sharpens your tongue, with a teeny bit of mellow sweetness and nice hint of rich spices at the very end of a deep swallow.  All in all, it's rather a lot like some of my more favorite microbrew Pumpkin Ales...not too shabby for my own super-micro'd brewery here on the farmlette!

Am I giving you all beer-experience envy out there?


  1. O Great Chicken Lady, is there anything you CAN'T do?

    1. Thus far, Mr. Red Shirt, I have been unable to fly.

  2. Your old Hen Brown Ale was very nice. Keep them coming. Burp!


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