Monday, October 1, 2012

Future Warmth

On Saturday, an incongrously balmy day, I got a giant load of split and aged oak wood.  I had forgotten what a huge pile one cord of wood can make.  I had also forgotten what a looooooong time it takes to stack a cord of wood. I started on Saturday, and finished in the early afternoon of Sunday.  I didn't move wood all night by any means, but it sure wasn't a fast project.  Thank goodness for my giant cart!

But at the end, I have four good sized stacks laid back to back on the old concrete pad that once housed the oil tank for a former furnace (which is still crouching in the cellar under the kitchen like a malevolent beast).  My fruit crate-turned-wood box is full, and I have a mighty fine pile of bits and pieces of kindling that should let me start a couple dozen fires.  Eventually, I may need another cord of wood delivered, but for now, I am feeling like the cold weather can come visiting without too much trouble.

That's a good thing, as it sounds like a solid freeze is expected on Friday.  I'd better get those goldfish in before then...

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