Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interstellar Revelries

I love Halloween.  I think it should be a national holiday, where everyone can dress up, be silly, and jump out and scream "BOOO!" at random strangers with no legal repercussions.

If you remember for previous years' postings, I go all out for Halloween decorating.  Oh, I decorate some for Thanksgiving (hello, pilgrim people) and alternative years I go a little wild for Christmas decorating.  Incidentally, this year falls under the category of Big Holiday Bling Extravaganza, so stay tuned for that to appear after the Thanksgiving mellowness is over.  Back to Halloween, it is my perennial favorite holiday, leading me to break out the scary sound CD, hang some ghouls about the joint, and carve a few dozen pumpkins.  Seriously, I carve a couple dozen pumpkins every year.  Yes, I know that is insane.  I prefer to think of it as insanely AWESOME.  There's been the stacked altar of pumpkins, the pumpkin ghoul army, the random pumpkin-headed tormented soul climbing out of a pit to much fun with squash, I tell you!

This year, it is the Alien Invasion.  The Mothership has crashed and the aliens have taken over the yard and rooftop.  They are friendly by day, and creepy by night.  I went out last night to see how they looked in the moonlight, and I had to go inside.  Alien movies have always given me the shivers, and although I know that these aliens are inflatable props, there was something about their misshapen heads all staring at me, unblinking...unmoving...menacing...yikes!  I shudder now to think of it.  Ack, aliens.  Freaky, man.  Just freaky.

I have plans to use a ridiculous amount of tinfoil this week, and I have finally found a use for green and blue mini-lights.  The fog machine and a red bulb should make it appear that the engine is on fire and smoking, and there will be vintage alien movies on the outdoor screen after dark.  It is going to be wonderful, I think.

Oh, and the pumpkins for this year?  Think "crop circles".

Pictures to come on Wednesday.  Happy Halloweening everyone!

P.S.  Once again, I'll be holding a food drive/donation drive for the local food pantry on Halloween night.  If you bring a can for the pantry, you get a special prize:  an alien finger puppet of your very own!  Plus, there will be adult treats this year, in the form of homebrew samples and hot coffee.  As always, I am giving out the REAL candy bars and bags of chips, so come on down and enjoy the spectacle!

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