Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girl, Get Your Yarn On.

Today is a grey and wet Sunday, one that is perfect for staying inside where it is warm and dry and comfortable, with a good book and a cup of hot tea laced with honey.  It's also a great day to gather with a group of good friends to visit over knitting needles.  Once a month, the Knotty Knitters collect at one member's house or another, and while away a couple of hours together.  We show off our finished projects, share what we are currently working on, and listen to stories of all sorts of lively events that have transpired since we last met.  I have found its best to bring a mindless project along, one that doesn't require much concentration or (heaven forbid) counting of stitches.  Between the conversation and laughter, any project that needs thought never goes very well at all.  (Can you say, frog?)

I love Knitting Sundays.  They are a highlight of my entire month.  Knitting groups have been happening for ages, right up there with the quilting bees and spinning circles of yesterday.  The funny thing is, I believe that those long-ago gatherings were not very different at all from what happens today in our little group.  There is an enormous satisfaction in visiting with good friends and sharing a skill of handiwork.  If you have been thinking about picking up knitting, I highly recommend searching around for a group near you.  Knitters are everywhere, and most of the time, new folks are welcomed with open arms.  If you live in the Hay River area of Wisconsin, send me a line and I'll add you to the email list!  Trust me, its a wonderful time and a wonderful group of women to get to know.

Plus, it really motivates you to work on those languishing projects!

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