Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happiness is a Clean Coop

The girls' housing was in a shambles.  Poo and feathers everywhere, old shavings and straw pounded to dust.  They needed a cleaning, and this morning (clear and cold and full of sun) was the perfect morning to get out there and get to it.  After scooping out all the old muck and putting it around the black raspberries for wintertime decomposition, a bale of fresh shavings went into the Big Coop, and a straw/hay mix was shared between the Little and Big habitations.  The ladies love the hay, nibbling on the dried greens and cooing with ecstasy when they find a hidden bug or two to gobble up.  Of course, once everything was clean, in they came to check it out:

"See any bugs yet, girls?"  "No, but check out these fresh shavings!  Whoo!"

"Ooh la la, new nesting material, ladies!"

"Ahem...a little privacy, please?  I need to lay an egg."
 Taking a cue from Elfrida, I left the girls to their explorations and decided to pull the five short (3-foot-long) rows of carrots left in the front raised bed gardens.  Can you believe how many I found?!?

A whole five-gallon bucket, full of sweet, orange roots and feathery greens.  As you can see, Beezle the cat is in awe.  Now, what the heck am I going to do with all of them??

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