Friday, April 19, 2013

Chicklet Update

The little bitties are doing so tremendously well!  Out of the passel of over 100 chicks (I lost count, but I know there were some extras), only one has not made it past the 48 hour mark.  All are starting to grow wing feathers and are getting taller and more "zippy".  They love to pile up in a mosh pit and take snoozy naps, and they really really like to eat. 

And poop.  It's a good thing I have lots of old newspapers, because I need to change the tub flooring twice a day so it doesn't get too stinky and damp.  They love to attack the newspaper when I put it in, which is too funny.

Here's hoping that the weather warms up quickly and these chickies can get moved out to the big roomy brooder in the car hut.  It doesn't sound like it will within the next week, but it had better do it soon.  Otherwise, I'm going to have to figure out how to fit a second giant metal tub in the bathroom.


  1. Hi Cris, The chicklets are SOOO cute!!! Well, the weather report that I just heard is not promising for getting them outside just yet. :( They are in good hands, though, so they will be great! Thanks!!!! Karen

  2. We had baby chicks in the sunroom for a really long time, then had to build a makeshift coop in the garage, because we got them in March and these long Wisconsin winters just keep hanging on. I used an old metal tub too. I know it is so cute when they start attacking the papers, they are so much fun. My little chicks are three years old now, but I still remember . . .


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