Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Perhaps Tonight?

Ophelia is hugely pregnant, with her sides sticking out a good inch horizontally.  I could have sworn she as going into labor last weekend, and likely she was, but no kits yet.  She's got a bit of hay worked into her nest box, and a tiny bit of fluff from her belly, but her nest is still under construction.  According to my calculations, kits could arrive anywhere from Sunday evening (two nights ago) to tomorrow evening.  Her appetite is off, with her kibble completely ignored for two days now, a little hay nibbled on, and a powerful lust for organic dried pineapple slices which she gets in the evening.  (Yes, that alone confirms that she is pregnant--a rabbit with food urges!)

I've found with the rabbits that just when you start to worry that something has gone awry, you go and check and there is a pile of little babies tucked into the nest.  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well, and there are bunnies in the morning!

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