Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Once More.

Seriously, the best day of the week.  I heart thee, Saturday!

This morning (while you are reading this), I am out cruising in Lucille Laverne with friends, headed to a small animal swap in Ellsworth, WI.  Oh yes, that's right.  We dragged ourselves out of bed and hit the road to arrive at the Pierce County Fairgrounds by 7 AM, hoping to find some laying hens, assorted rabbits, and possibly pigs.

No, the pigs are not for me. 

And, it is highly possible that while out and about, looking at small animals for sale, I might just have gotten a call from the Postal Dispatch Center in Eau Claire, letting me know that my chicks arrived.  If that happened, then Saturday will suddenly become very very busy.  In a good way, of course.

But just because I was going to be off on an adventure early in the morning, I didn't want you to feel neglected.  In the spirit of Saturday morning cartoons (and who didn't love those, plonked on the floor with a giant bowl of Lucky Charms in footie pajamas), here's a little ditty about the loveliness of Spring:

Happy Saturday!

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