Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Starting Over

Sometimes, my brilliant plans don't quite work out.

I know, shocking, isn't it?  You'd think from the things I write about and all the successes I have, its just one long cake walk here.  Unfortunately, my latest project was an epic fail.  I had a great idea to make a chick brooder fortress out of an old crib (scored for $15 at the Barn thrift store), some hardware cloth, and ridiculously yellow paint.  Man, it was going to be awesome

Unfortunately, I did not take into consideration the teeny weeny itsy bitsy proportions of my cottage.  Once assembled, the crib was far too large to fit anywhere in my house.  No amount of shoving at it, cramming it around corners, or mild bashing would make it work.  It certainly would not fit inside the bathroom*, which is where my chicks are going to need to live for a little while until it decides to act like spring and I can put them out in the brooder in the car hut.  (I don't usually keep poultry in my bathroom.  It is the only room in the house with an actual door on it, necessary to keep the dogs and cats from having chicklet snacks while I am out at work.)

* Actually, it would fit in the bathroom.  It's just that nothing else, including me, would fit in the bathroom with it.  As I like to pee and take a shower periodically, obviously it wouldn't work to have the room filled with an egg yolk yellow baby crib-cum-chick brooder.

Who knew cribs were so gigantic?  Who knew my house was so small?  Apparently, should I ever have a child, they will not be sleeping in a crib.  A shoe box, now that would work.  (My hypothetical child will be very small and not grow quickly, nor would she need any of the usual "stuff" kids require.)
What to do, what to do.  Apparently, it's going to be a giant tub of some sort.  Not nearly as attractive as my revamped crib, but it will fit, be cleanable, and house them for a little while until the weather cooperates.

Dang functionality winning out over cuteness.

Ah well.  Now I get to go buy a giant tub, large enough to house 100 chicks.  Wheee!

In the spirit of starting over, here's a turn up of events:  I've been unable to reach the winner of the Incredible Egg Scale, and I haven't heard from her (him?) in response to the blog announcing the drawing.  Sooo.....let's pick another name, shall we?

And the winner is  Karen N. Congratulations!  I'll send you an email and work out the details of getting your prize to you.  (Sorry to the earlier winner, but this scale isn't teeny and frankly, I need the space. I also want it to live and be useful out in the Great Big World!)

Stay tuned for more project failures to come.  I'm sure they'll be even more exciting!

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  1. Hi Cris,

    Thank you SOOOO much! I can't believe that I got this lucky. Hope you find a nice big tub for chicks.

    Karen N.


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