Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Happenings

A little reminder of last year in the garden...ahh.

It is Saturday!  I know it was only a four-day work week, but sometimes, those short weeks get packed extra full and it is so nice to greet the weekend again.  It doesn't sound promising in weather terms (damp, rain, possibly snow--I refuse to acknowledge that possibility on principle), but that's okay.  My spirits will remain undaunted.  A trip to the Barn in New Richmond is in the plans, and a stop at Farm & Home for some more seed starting odds and ends.  Then it is into the car hut for purging and rearranging and some light brooder building.  I am really hoping that the ice floe across the floor has melted enough that I can shift some things around.  If not, that project is going to get a bit more complicated.

I also hope to bake some bread.

That means I also need to clean the kitchen.

Where's the housekeeper when I need one?  Ha ha.

Before I head off to tackle that repetoire of chores and projects and gadding about town with friends, it's time to announce the winner of the Incredible Egg Scale give away!  (Drum roll, please...)

And the winner is....suraineko  Congratulations!  Stay tuned for an email from me with details of the good news.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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  1. If you find that housekeeper, give them my phone # too!


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