Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bionic Woman

It has been a long few weeks here on the Farmlette, but things are finally perking up.  This past Wednesday, I got cleared to be fitted with an aircast and was told to start walking...slowly.

And yes, I am slow.  As in turtles can pass me and do several laps back around.

It is incredible how much muscle mass you lose in a few short weeks.  My right calf is shrunken, it looks no bigger around than an eight year old's wiry forearm.  It is impressive how much will power it takes to haul my sorry carcass around!  But I persevere and do move, moseying around the yard and practicing driving and visiting my Ladies in their coops.

It is absolutely glorious to be back outside.  My garden is mad tangle, but everything is still growing and producing in the green depths.  My friends come visiting and help harvest potatoes and more, and still help with the routines of daily chores. (It is impossible to haul water with crutches, in case you were wondering.  Gathering eggs is a real challenge, too.)

But each day I get a little stronger, can go a little further, and it hurts a little less to make muscles and joints and tendons work again.  With any luck, in a few more days I will put aside one crutch and be able to take care of my little homestead a bit more independently.

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