Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ooh La La, Cafe!

There is just something about starting the day with a cup of dark, rich coffee.  The pale steam, the gentle clink of the spoon stirring in the milk and raw sugar crystals, that whiff of caramel-like goodness.  Ahhh....

While I try to do much of my shopping on a local scale, coffee is the one indulgence that I order from afar.  It comes to me from the far away flights of New Orleans, and it is worth every mile.

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A dark roasted blend of excellent coffee and roasted, ground chicory, a cup or two of this makes any morning brighter.  If you haven't tried coffee with chicory, you must try it some time.  It has a slightly floral taste which blends beautifully with the depth of the coffee.  It also serves to make the coffee slightly less caffeinated, but as I drink the darkest roast possible the effects are negligible.

"Coffee--the favorite drink of the civilized world."--Thomas Jefferson

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