Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gearing Up!

This weekend, I have plans.

Oh, such plans I have!

I plan to can.  A lot.  I have many pumpkins and Thelma Saunders' Sweet Potato Dumpling squash that need processing.  I have a few bags of gifted cucumbers in the refrigerator.  I hear rumors that all my tomatoes are ripening--all at once (of course).  And I also have zucchini, kale, and onions that need harvesting.

Whew.  It is exhausting just thinking about it!

I've been doing some research on canning pumpkin.  Usually, I've roasted and scooped and frozen the flesh, but freezer space is at a premium right now and I have a host of empty canning jars crying out for filling.  I found this gem on YouTube, and it seems so easy!

But then again, maybe dehydration is the way to go.  I've never tried it, but it could work great--and I have plenty of squash to experiment with.

Heck, I could put all my pumpkins into one jar!  Of course, maybe I could make pumpkin leather?

Okay, yes.  I realize the video above is showing how to make fruit leather with blackberries and apples (can we say, yum?), but I think the same idea would apply to pumpkin leather.  Add a little pumpkin pie spice and honey, and it should be like a dried pie in your lunch box.

Well, maybe.  As I said before, I have many pumpkins this year that had to be harvested early due to a blight of some sort, so this weekend may be a weekend of kitchen experimentation.

That's one of my kind of weekends!

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