Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Knitting Resources

While I am laid up with my bum foot, I've been getting a lot of holiday gift knitting done.

It's been fairly marvelous.  Hats, scarves, baby vests, a shawl--all of it, cranked out on my clicking needles to the tune of Masterpiece Mystery episodes of the intrepid Miss Marple.  (She's a knitter too, in case you didn't know.)

Having access to some helpful things has made my knitting project life sooooo much easier.  For example, I don't know where I would be without this:

TARDIS gauge can be found on

I have a vase filled with bamboo needles, many having the sizing information worn off from years of use.  This handy dandy gadget makes it possible for me to round up the correct sized needles in a flash.  Love. It.

Of course, to figure out which needles I will be needing, first I need to find the perfect pattern to launch into.  That's when I go to this website:

Ravelry  is a wonderful website for knitters and crocheters, filled with thousands and thousands of delectable patterns.  Need a new scarf?  Check it out.  You'll find hundreds.  Want to try making themed socks?  They've got everything from fruit to monkeys to spaceships and fairies.  It's my first stop when I feel peckish for a new tantalizing project to undertake.  And many of the patterns are free, which is always nice.  Those that aren't can be purchased through their website via Paypal or by credit card--secure, easy and you support your favorite designers.  I've visited Ravelry for years and have always been delighted.

Once I track down that new pattern and can't wait to get started, I check out my rampant stash of yarn--hopefully, I find what I need.  But if not, all is not lost because I can surf on over to this shop:

Simply a fabulous yarn retailer, Knit Picks has all kinds of yarns to choose from.  I am in lust with their merino blends, particularly the Swish line.  Oh, merino.  How I love thee.  Warm, squishy, soft and non-itchy, you are truly the wool of kings.  Because the pricing is so reasonable (and there are sales and free shipping on orders over $50), I don't feel quite so guilty buying more yarn.  

It is, after all, for a dedicated project that simply must be knitted up.

I do of course have local yarn shops that I haunt, and delight in supporting, but as I can't drive currently, it is so handy to have a reliable source for patterns, yarn and all sorts of other needful things that I can access through the interwebs.

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