Friday, August 30, 2013

Got Kale?

I do.

I am not (as I think I've mentioned before) a huge fan of kale.  It's...okay.  I mean, I'll eat it.  And I grow it.  Because, you know, it is good for you.  It's just not my favorite of the greens.  I am a fan of swiss chard, which unfortunately seems to have been inhaled by rampant weeds.  It's no longer visible in the front garden, so I think that is what happened to it.

Until the hoop house peppers wrap things up and allow me to plant my winter crop of greens in there, I have to make due with a large kale crop.  I've sauteed and frozen several packages so far, but I am thinking about trying this over the weekend:

I wonder if I can get my dogs to eat it?  Now that might help deal with my surplus crop!

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  1. doo-doo-dit-doo..... sappy, sappy music! Oh dear... But the salad? Well, I'm a big fan of kale, as you know, but I really don't like the flavor of raw kale. In a salad, anyway, which I did try last summer when I had some excess kale! But there's many varieties of kale and some may taste better than others. I had Ragged Jack, iirc.



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