Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wild Things

It is high summer here, a time when the cats decide that they are more closely related to lions and tigers (ligers?) than domesticated creatures.

Beezle has taken to disappearing into the cornfield across the street for days on end, as long as those days are sunny and mild.  Once the weather turns damp, he is back and happy to come indoors.  The downside is that he is a flea-magnet; good thing there is a product called Frontline available, or he'd be condemned to the life of a house cat.  Being indoors full time sends him around the bend, though.  He starts having issues with his tail.  Apparently, it mocks him and must be killed.

He really does try to kill it.  Claws, howls of rage, biting, drawning blood. 

Talk about going a little crazy from cabin fever.

Jeffrey had a bit of an adventure as well.  About a month ago, he moved to a friend's farm as he was terribly unhappy about life on the porch.  He had taken to very naughty habits, peeing and pooing everywhere in retribution.  (really, he was doing this because he was mad--I had the vet check him and everything, and it was purely behavior)  He desperately wanted to be outdoors, but every opportunity he had, he made a bee-line for the neighbors who loathe cats, and did unspeakable things in their gardens.  Hence, he was stuck on the porch until the opportunity to move to the farm presented itself.  All seemed well, and I figured he was happy in his new wild kitty life.

Last Thursday, guess who showed up by the back gate.

Oh yes, just like the prodigal son, Jeffrey returned.  Skinny, littered with ticks, hungry and thrilled to be home.  He seemed content to eat some kibble, get some pets (after a dose of Frontline) and retire to his cozy chair on the porch.

By Saturday, he had already pooed on the floor. 


So now I am faced with the dilemma of having a cat that sees my place as home & hearth, but whose behavior is not acceptable.  Who wants their porch to reek?  Sheesh.  Its not like I don't have four giant, clean litter boxes to choose from.  I would love to chuck him outside, but there's the whole neighborhood coming at me with torches and pitchforks due to an unruly cat that I don't want to deal with.

And who ever said cats were domesticated?  They are purely wild things, particularly this summer.

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  1. I can't believe he poo'd :( have you made any decisions regarding it? It's such an amazing story though..find cat a new home, cat is like you wish, and then makes the long journey back to you! and then poo's on the floor again. You know he adores you but why cant he show it in a better way? lol


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