Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little Bit of Order

Over the summer, things got more than a little disorganized in my cupboards, pantry closet, and freezers.  Bags on top of bags.  Dried fruit and canned beans and sacks of flour piled on top of each other, creating a perilous mess just waiting to fall out on my head.

It's driving me a little insane.

To start tackling this craziness, I picked up some half-gallon Ball mason jars today.  They are simply amazing, enormous jars.  I took all the sloppy plastic bags of my many flour types and filled those lovely jars.  A quick label done in my favorite pink Sharpie marker and now I have a double row of tidy jars where once there was sheer catastrophe.  After that, it was a simple matter to slide things around. Fruit and baking items here, pasta over there.  Canned goods (just chiles, olives, and fish items like kippers, sardines, and anchovies) to one side, just over from the rice and crackers.

No more falling things landing on my head or scattered around the floor.

It's heavenly.

Tomorrow night, I'm going after the upright freezer.  I picked up some plastic tubs from the dollar store and I think it is going to help with my many slippery bags of frozen squash, kale and chicken broth.  Plus, there's a collection of things that have been in there too long and just need to be tossed.

Three year old turnips, I'm looking at you.

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