Sunday, September 1, 2013

Colorful Carrots

I was gifted a whole bunch of gorgeous, heirloom carrots.  Yellow, white, pale orange, purple: oh, they are so pretty!  To show off their fabulousness, I decided to try a refrigerator pickling technique I snagged off Pinterest.

It is super simple and will make the sweetness of the carrots shine, I hope, after at least 24 hours in the chilly depth of the fridge.  The recipe called for sugar, vinegar, salt, pickling spices, and a teeny bit of water.  After bringing the brine to a boil, I poured it generously over the peeled and trimmed carrots standing at attention in their jars.  I had enough carrots for two pints full, and plenty of brine left over.

I can hardly stand the wait before I try them!

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