Saturday, September 28, 2013

Harvest Day

Today was THE DAY.  The garden needed to come in, because it's getting colder and I had the time to deal with it this weekend.  Thus, Harvest Day!

After rounding up some excellent friends, we headed out into the gardens and started work.

There was so much stuff in there, for all it's sad neglected state.  More pumpkins, squash, red and green cabbage, beets, watermelon, sunflower seeds, was glorious!

Check out those carrots!  I never even got to thin them, let alone water them.  Go, Scarlet Nantes, go!

Possibly the best thing we pulled out was all the dried beans, peas, and seeds.  Not only will I eat some of them (calypso beans, I'm looking at you!), but now I have a stash to replant next year.  Plus, I have plenty of edible goodies to can and dry and add to the pantry.  Right at this moment, I have five trays of kale drying--it's such a satisfying feeling to know I managed to grow all this stuff in such a small amount of space!

Now...what to do with all that cabbage?

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