Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gummy Addiction

I must confess.

I love gummy candies.

I love this picture from wikipedia.
Chewy, sugary, fake fruit flavored...oh, how I love them.  Sour, sweet, shaped like a fish, a bear, a chicken foot, a worm.  They are all delicious and I can devour them by the pound when the mood strikes me.

Of course, then I am sick for days and swear to never again eat one.

Until I remember how strangely wonderful a frozen gummy worm is, straight from the freezer and stuffed between your lip and your gum...


In any case, they are simply terrible  for you and should not be eaten in vast quantities.  But what is one to do when the longing for a gummy treat is simply irrestistable?

One should go harvest some zuchinni.

No really, hear me out.  Apparently, you can make gummy fruit snacks using those giant monster zucchinis.  You peel them, and chop them into little cubes.  Then, you put them in a pot with water and either unsweetened koolaid and sugar or sugared flavored jello.  After you cook them until softened, you drain them and put them in the food dehydrator on trays and dry them for 14-16 hours at 125 degrees.

With any luck, you should wind up with fruit flavored snacks from a vegetable otherwise destined for the Ladies in the Coop.

I'm giving this a whirl, using some raspberry jello I had stashed in the bowels of a cupboard--don't ask me what it was doing there, as I loathe jello and don't eat it--and right now, it is draining and getting ready for the dehydrator.  I had about ten cups of diced zucchini, so I used about four cups of water and two packages worth of jello mixture.  It will be very pink, if nothing else.  More pictures will come of the final product, and my taste test reviews.

Will it be disgusting?  Or will it be suitably gummy-like?  Time will tell.

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