Friday, January 4, 2013

A Little Bit of Organization

I've had a rather nice lazy break the past couple of weeks.  It is wonderful to have long days with plenty of time to putter around the house, doing little projects, baking and making hot soups, and feeding the fire to keep the house toasty warm in the teeth of cold weather.

One of my better projects accomplished has been to inventory and sort my garden seeds.  I've tried various boxes and bags and envelopes of all sizes in the past, but I think I have finally hit upon the ultimate solution:  Seed packet sized boxes, grouped by seed varietals and labelled in bold Sharpie marker.

Ahh, there is nothing quite so lovely as a well organized drawer, is there?  I think I now have an idea of what seeds I own, and what seeds I need.  I can tell you I definitely don't need any more Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage Seeds, as I found two packets that I forgot I had ordered last year.

The other exciting tidying up project I finished was to add some hooks at the entry in the back doorway.  I had three smealzly hooks upon which I crammed all my coats and jackets and bags.  Half the time, they would fall off onto my muck boots and the other half, they'd fall into the dirty wood box.  But now, I have these available:

Don't you just love the little mirror?  It was a birthday present from my lovely mom...does she know me or what?  Pink and sparkly!!!  The best of both worlds.

I am nearly done with organizing my yarn stash, although it would be hard to tell.  It is nice to think that eventually, it will be all sorted and I will be able to find my yarns when I need them, not when they fall out onto me as I reach for one tucked at the back of the cupboard.  I have an idea that should help them stay tidy as well.  I guess we'll all find out if that plan works!

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  1. Cute mirror. I used many of my leftover skeins of yarn to make items for the needy. I helps me keep more organized.


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