Friday, January 11, 2013

Look at 'em go!

So I've been continuing in my perusal of that seductive poultry catalog that arrived the other day, and doing a bit of internet searching to see what folks are thinking about the Red Rangers.  They go by different names--red broilers, Freedom rangers, colored rangers--but it all seems to be the same bird. 

Check out how busily they search for food!  My usual white guys never get that enthusiastic about looking around for new eats.  It's more a slump to the new resting spot and poop all over the grass kind of enthusiasm.  Not as inspiring to video...

Anyway, I am thinking that perhaps I will give this a go for this season.  As I have decided to go small this year (due to feed prices), it should give me the opportunity to see how this breed of meat bird really does in a Wisconsin summer environment.  (A lot of testimonials have said they had zero percent mortality rate, which is waaaaaay better than my usual 20% die-off with the faster growing, less cardio-enthusiastic giants.)

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