Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

Another year has turned the corner, and here we are, with a fresh new one stretching before us.  Time to hang the new calendars, change out the smoke detector batteries, and break out the 2013 copy of the Farmers Almanac as bathroom reading material.  I am sure many people are spending today making resolutions of things to improve in the coming year, or whiling away a hangover of significant proportions in front of football on the t.v.  I prefer to make new year wishes, which I write down on a piece of paper, and then set alight outside at midnight on New Year's Eve to send them out into the cosmos.  I never reveal all of them, but I suppose I can let you know a couple of my hopes for 1/4 Acre Farm in the coming year:

  • To successfully grow watermelon in the garden, because this will be THE YEAR it will happen, dang it.
  • To expand the Bunny Barn, and add a few more feet of living space as well as better ventilation for my little herd of furry friends.
  • To find the perfect shrubbery that will grow some kind of delicious berry, with minimum fuss 
There are others, obviously, but if I reveal all my wishes, they won't come true, will they?  I have a couple more that I'll cash in on my birthday, so between those and the ones I burnt last night, something wonderful is sure to happen this year.  So before you spend all your time worrying about reducing your waistline and improving your bank account balance, don't forget to make a couple gratuitous wishes to ring in the start of a brand new year.  Anything can happen...

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  1. I don't do resolutions either, but set goals. And though some of mine are the waistline, bank account goals, I also have fun ones! Mani/pedi goals and build a garden bed goals and take a cooking class goals. As they say, all work and no play...

    Happy New Year, Chicken Lady!!
    Angie C.


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