Thursday, January 10, 2013

Red Ranger

I've been thinking a bit about raising meat birds this coming summer.  With feed prices still high, I don't know how many I'll raise.  Probably just enough for myself and a couple of friends' freezers.  I've also been contemplating that perhaps a different type of meat bird might be more cost effective.  After all, if I can find a variety that grows fairly quickly (meeting the summer break time frame) and can also forage for its own food better, perhaps this would be the ideal.

I've been intrigued by these Red Rangers offered by McMurray Hatcheries for this season.  I think I'll have to decide soon, as they don't seem to have a huge quantity available and I think they will go fast.  They are more expensive per chick than the "barbeque specials" I usually buy, but I really like the idea of better foraging ability.  Combine that with the glory of the chicken campers I built, and this could be the best summer of meat chicken raising yet.


  1. We raised meat chickens once - about 23 of them. We are definitely raising them again.

    1. Last summer, when feed prices were lower, I raised nearly 200 :-) It's a bit of work visiting them in their pastures, but really well worth it!


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