Monday, January 7, 2013

Odds and Ends

It is amazing what I can pull out of the freezer and pantry, and whip up a meal.  I never got around to doing shopping this past week (it's not like I didn't have time, I just didn't go...vacation-induced inertia, perhaps?), so when I realized that I had eaten up all the holiday leftovers and actually needed to cook again, I thought:  Huh.  Well, might as well have a bit of a rummage!

Here's what I found: a chicken, some bacon, a couple of pork chops, quinoa, amish-made egg noodles, copious amounts of rice, broth of all kinds, frozen swiss chard packets, basil pesto, eggs (of course), goat milk chevre in a little frozen log of goodness, and potatoes.  Oh, and some premade frozen naan, otherwise known as Indian-style flat bread.  Combine that with a bit of romaine lettuce and some longhorn colby cheese and there's not much more you need, is there?  Well, maybe some milk and coffee...hmm, I suppose I should go buy some milk.  I get my coffee automatically delivered every couple of months, straight from New Orleans.  Have I mentioned my addiction of coffee with chicory in it?  Oh my.  Good stuff, I tell you!

Anyway, out of what I pulled together from my at-home grocery store, tonight's menu included toasted naan, fried eggs, and swiss chard.  Good, simple eats.  I have no idea what I will do with that chicken, but I am pretty sure it will involve the crock pot. 

Oh, the possibilities...I'm sure that I can pull some other stuff out of the pantry that will work wonders.

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