Saturday, January 5, 2013

Garden Watching

When it is cold outside, and the garden catalogs are piled around me, I like to watch programs and movies about gardens.  The video clip above is from a favorite show of mine, The Wisconsin Gardener, which airs on Wisconsin Public Television.  This show travels around the state, stopping in at various gardens and showcasing the lovely things that perhaps, if you are lucky, will grow in your garden, too.

Here's some other options for garden viewing when you are snowbound:
  • Enchanted April, a simply lovely film with a glorious Italian garden involved in it
  • The Secret Garden (1999 version), the classic tale of the redemptive and magical powers of gardening.  In this version, the cinematography is overwhelmingly beautiful!
  • Saving Grace, set in Cornwall, England and full of quirky characters, the heroine of the tale is a spectacular gardener with a greenhouse to lust over...albeit used for nefarious purposes!
  • A funny little series of videos called Around the World in 80 Gardens, which can be found on YouTube.  This lovely Brit travels around, exploring the gardens of the world...what a great job, don't you think?
  • The Hidden Face of British Gardening by Sir Roderick Floud, a recorded lecture from Gresham College in the UK.  Not exactly lightweight material, but a fascinating account of the history of British gardening.  If you are a documentary junkie like myself, you might just enjoy it!
  • The BBC series Rosemary & Thyme, a mystery series with two plucky gardeners as the leading ladies.  I love this show!
  • Keeping with the BBC theme, and mysteries, the Miss Marple episodes from Masterpiece Mysteries not only involve some garden loveliness but some excellent sleuthing and dreadful murrrrrdeerrrrrs.  Bwah hah hah hah hah....
  • An a perennial favorite of mine:  GardenGirl TV, a creative and fun show streaming on YouTube about an urban gardener who keeps glorious gardens, goats, chickens, and more.  It's a fun watch!
P.S.  The movies and television series that  I mentioned above can all be found streaming on Netflix!

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