Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Humdinger Bash

Dun dun...dun dun..dun dun...

I threw myself a big party last weekend, and it was awesome.  There was an inflatable remote control shark involved, and dancing.  Oh, and a tiara.

It made for a nice break in the routine of winter chores around here on the Farmlette, and happened just before a round of very cold days (and nights).  Lately, it's been back to the grind of work (with a very disjointed work week due to inclement weather) and a sore molar which apparently needs a root canal.  Not sure how finances will swing that one, but I suppose I'll deal with that after the antibiotics and pain meds are done.  Some days, I think I should've chosen to be a dentist.  Sure, teeth are gross, but man, apparently the pay check is pretty nice!

I think I'll settle for being a part-time homesteader on a slim budget, though.

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  1. The party sounds like it was lot of fun. Cute shark! Yeah, dentists can make a fortune. They got paid pretty good last May via my teeth.


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