Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a New Year!

Sing it, Julie.

Anyway, hopefully everyone is starting their new year off right: in pajamas, with coffee and perhaps waffles, bacon on the side, with no plans other than staying in said pajamas for as long as possible.

I'm getting ready for an influx of house guests today, with mom arriving this afternoon and brothers arriving tomorrow.  Amid that prep, there's some rather festive additional preparation happening, to get ready for the birthday bash I'm throwing for myself on Saturday.  I figured, I'm turning 40, I haven't thrown a party in a while, and what the heck.  It's a great reason to round up a band, a keg of beer, some BBQ meatballs, and a whole bunch of friends, friends of friends, and well-wishers and have one heck of a good time.  So far, it even looks like the weather will cooperate.

I'm not really one for New Year Resolutions.  I always seem to break them, or forget them...actually, I forget them more often than I break them.  I do, however, like to think up plans for the next year.  Funnily enough, those generally revolve around the garden and house, and such like.  I've decided that this year will see a complete re-do of the front raised beds (which need rebuilding to a much deeper depth and an influx of compost) and the addition of a second hoop house/green house on the south garden side of the yard.  The falling of the box elder is turning out to have hidden bonuses, with better ventilation and significantly more light for my fruit crops.  As for the house, well, I'd like to get the repairs from the fire completed and maybe figure out how the heck I will afford a new roof.  I desperately need a new roof, but sadly lack the $5000 or so needed to acquire one.  Any rich sugar-daddy-mama-entrepeneurs out there reading this blog who want to make an investment in my happiness, and buy me one?



Yeah.  I didn't think so.  Well, if worst comes to worst, I may need to tarp it for a season.  My neighbors will love it, I'm sure, but I figure if it really really really bugs them, they can anonymously buy me shingles.  Put that to them, and suddenly they'll find other things to moan about, I'm sure.

Anyway, I have a feeling 2015 will be a great year.  There's plans afoot for new chickens to be hatched, new seeds to be sewn, and a possible weekend road trip or two to be taken.  Aside from trees falling, fires causing mild destruction, and sudden freezer death, 2014 was fairly awesome--so here's to an even better new year!  Cheers, all!!

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  1. Happy Birthday O Great Chicken Lady!


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