Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wood Stove Cookery

With cold weather, comes daily fires in the woodstove, cheerily keeping my little house toasty warm.  Sometimes, I take advantage of the heat to cook a meal or two.  Recently, I tried baking potatoes in my cast iron dutch oven, a vintage find at a garage sale years ago.  First, I washed, pricked and wrapped my potatoes in foil and placed them into the pot.
I've found it works best to diffuse the heat a little, otherwise things boil far too quickly (or bake, in this case).  Using canning rings makes a useful trivet.
And then, it's a matter of plonking the dutch oven onto the stove, stoking the fire, and allowing your whatever-it-is to cook until done.  I left the potatoes for a few hours, and they came out perfectly!

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  1. The top of our stove doesn't get that hot. We can simply put the foil wrapped potatoes inside the stove to cook too. One year we did warm a pizza on top, when power was out.


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