Monday, January 19, 2015

Wintertime DIY

I've been pondering what I want to make to grow peppers and melons this summer in the new south garden hoop house/green house.  I'm looking forward to taking advantage of the extra sunlight, and hopefully having lots of success with peppers (which would make for a nice change) and melons (which I attempt every year or so, and never have too much luck, sadly), but I don't want to wind up using a ton of well water to keep things hydrated.

I'm envisioning a system of grow buckets (like the ones in this video--ingenious use of cheap effective materials!), plus a homemade water barrel to collect rain water from the roof.  I need to replace the gutter on the south side of the house, after it was unceremoniously yanked off the house by a falling tree, and I think this would be the perfect time to install a water barrel system to keep things happy in the new hoop house.  I rather like this model:
For ten bucks, I like it.  And I can connect it to irrigation tubing and connect that to all my grow buckets...and then, with luck, bring on the happy melons!

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