Monday, January 12, 2015

Front Garden Rehab

I've been thinking, and decided: the front garden needs an overhaul come spring.  Much like the back garden, I think it's reached a point where it needs redesign.   I definitely need to rebuild the raised beds, which are coming apart at the seams and compacted to boot. 

So here's my plan, keeping the front flower beds (which I love, so cheery!) and reducing the number of four foot by four foot raised beds to three.  I plan on making them twice as deep (eight inches), which should help with growing root vegetables like carrots and radishes.  I think that will be a better use of the space, with the addition of three self-watering tub gardens for greens.  I do love my self-watering tub gardens.  They are nearly as much fun to build as they are to grow in, as long as I don't forget to add a drainage hole or two.

After a layer of weed suppressing paper, and a layer of mulch, I think it'll be a thing of beauty.  The sore muscles will be worth it!

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  1. We hope to get more flower beds and one more herb garden put in. It is worth it.


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