Saturday, January 31, 2015


Ahh, quiet coffee in the morning...

This weekend, I plan on being slightly lazy but mostly productive.  The house is a tad scandalous and needs a hose down, so I'll be taking care of that first thing.  After that, I plan on completing a few finishing touches on a birthday present I'm delivering on Sunday (here's a hint: it's cute, and intended for a toddler) and maybe working a little more on my handful of pre-garden-season gardening projects. And then there's some chucking wood into the pile form, which is always needed at least once a week.  If it sunnyish, I may just bundle up and bask on the sun porch with a book for a wee while...but if it's cloudy, I may devolve onto the sofa with some knitting.

Hence, slightly lazy but mostly productive.

Bacon may also be involved.

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