Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pinterest Inspirations

I love Pinterest.  Recipes, garden ideas, fanciful name it, I've likely pinned it to some board or other.  What a wonderful site for all sorts of inspirational pictures!

Take, for example, a few photos that have piqued my interest (and inspired a new garden project):

from the  
found on
A trip to my favorite farm supply store yesterday revealed the unexpected and wholly delightful surprise of short stair risers on sale and distressed wood on clearance--that, combined with a quart of inexpensive teal paint, will hopefully yield me a creation to display my pots on this summer (between the two large plastic pots, which I plan to fill with miniature popcorn and trailing beans).  I'd show you a picture of the project thus far, but all it is are some boards propped on plastic sawhorses with a first coat of teal paint!  With our current run of warmish weather, it's nice to work on a garden related project on the south-facing porch.  Not only should the paint dry in good time, but Ernest Hemingway the Cat loves having some company as he lounges in the sun.

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