Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cucumber Invasion

After some pondering, I finally figured out what configuration of pots would work best in my new little many-windowed greenhouse.

Top shelf: Three large and four small terracotta pots are now home to my healthy Mexican Sour Gherkins (for my UK friends, that's cucamelons to you).  Boy, those little vines were so happy to be potted on.  I think they are ready for a bit of heat, and then off they'll go making miles of vines.  Hopefully, I'll also get mounds of teeny little fruits.  I learned my lesson last year, where four plants wasn't nearly enough to satisfy my appetite for them.  This year, I've got 13 plants so hopefully, I'll have enough to munch on, some for salads, and maybe some for pickling.

Bottom shelf: A giant pot filled with oodles of good Pro-Mix compost will be the perfect home to three of my Manny cucumber plants.  I've encircled them with Jaguar marigolds, which will hopefully deter any cucumber beetles from moving in, and watered well.  It seems like a ridiculous amount of pot and soil right now, but in a few weeks, I think I'll be overwhelmed by cascading vines and climbing tendrils.  My prediction is that this little greenhouse will be bursting with greenery in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for pictorial updates!

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