Monday, May 4, 2015

Of Garlic and Onions

The garlic is going gang-busters, daily getting taller and more luscious.  I think every bulb has grown green shoots, which is just wonderful.  If everything goes well, I should have a terrific crop of garlic to harvest in July.
I planted out the onions last weekend, and they are doing ok.  They always look a little sad at first, suffering from a touch of transplant shock, but they are hardy little things and rebound after a week or so.  Once they settle in, they start to grow happily.  I have great luck growing onions from seed--they never go to seed, like onion sets can, and they don't seem to be plagued by rot or mites or the other critters that have eaten my onions in the past.

They just look so terribly weenie when they are first planted out, don't they?  Oh well.  Soon enough, they'll be fat and happy and growing away into beautiful bulbs.

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