Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lilac in Bloom

My lilac bush that refuses to die is blooming gloriously this year.  Last year, I think it had three blooms--it was rather a sad affair, but to give due justice, I had tried to kill it again the previous fall.

For the record, I do like how lilacs look.  Sadly, I am very allergic to their scent and pollen.  Even touching the leaves makes me itchy.  So in general, it's not a shrub I want in my garden.  But as this one refuses to die, and seems determined to grow where its at, I've resigned myself to being somewhat itchy during the blooming season and limiting the emergence of suckers.  This one bush can stay, but the agreement is that no others may join it. 

Isn't it pretty though?  There's nothing quite so pretty as the clear purple of a lilac in the spring.

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