Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Revisited

Today is, amongst the layers of barbeques, car sales and fireworks displays, a well-intentioned day for remembering those who fought and died in various wars.  Remembering those veterans and current service people seems to get a little lost amongst the charcoal grill smoke and waterwings.  For today's post, I wanted to remember those who, during times of war, fought the good fight on the home front.  With war placing demands on the industrial food supply, it fell to people at home to dig up their lawns and plant the food that would keep them, their families, and their neighbors going until the battles were over and peacetime resumed.

The Imperial War Museum has a wonderful collection of public service announcement films such as the one above, which are interesting to watch.  If you're interested in fictional accounts, I highly recommend the Land Girls series (available on Netflix) or Foyle's War (also available on Netflix).  I haven't come across anything much regarding the Dig for Victory campaigns of World War I, although I know that there was such a campaign then as well.  For now, I'll content myself with watching the WWII accounts of what to plant to be patriotic.

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