Monday, May 11, 2015

Everything's Coming Up Babies!

Saturday evening my order of Silver Penciled Rocks arrived, fifteen healthy little chicks running about peeping and pooping and generally being healthy little bits of fluff.  I am so happy to have chickens back on the Farmlette.   It's felt rather odd not having any...

My litter of kits from Ophelia have gone off to new homes and destinies as quality breeding stock for other backyard rabbiters.  And then on Sunday, I discovered Alys Fowler the rabbit hopping about with hay in her mouth, intent on making the perfect nest for her little ones.  Whoops!  I think I miscounted by a week...but luckily I had her nest box all ready to go, and she was delighted to hop in and get to work:

Alys and I are still coming to terms with the nature of our relationship.  I whisper sweet nothings into her long beautiful ears, she tries to bite my hand off every time I reach in to give her more water.  It's a love-hate thing, but hopefully we can improve upon it.  I have a feeling that she is going to be a very good mother, although perhaps slightly on the insanely-protective end of the spectrum...

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