Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amish Paradise

Hee hee. I have had this song rattling around in my head all night. You see, yesterday I met a really nice Amish man who came to the Seed Share I organized. Turns out, his brother has a son who raises New Zealand rabbits, and who also had some of these rabbits for sale. Aha! I was in need of a new doe, to replace Big Mama (who had the unfortunate habit of consuming her offspring). After the Seed Share, I headed off into the hills around Prairie Farm in Lucille Laverne in search of a new rabbit. I'm not sure that Reuben, the patriarch, knew what to make of me as I rolled into his farmyard in my big honkin' truck with the pink dice dangling from the rearview mirror. He definitely raised an eyebrow when he saw the fuzzy pink seat covers...
Anyway, it turned out that his son Samuel wasn't at home. He and some other of the guys were off building the new bakery (a bakery!!!!! oh. my. goodness.) in Reeve. We arranged that I would come back after dark, when he was pretty sure that Samuel would be home.

Here's a life lesson for you: When visiting the Amish in January after the sun sets, remember to bring a flashlight. I am pretty sure that their barn was lovely, full of happy cows and happy rabbits and some other livestock that I could hear but not see. I am sure that the walkways and paths were not completely filled with treacherous holes and sudden drop-offs. I am sure that the yard was not one iced over, rutted mess. However, since I couldn't see a damn thing, I can't be certain. It will be a whole new experience to visit in the daylight. I can't even tell you what Samuel looked like, although I know he couldn't have been more than 20, was tall, and was wearing a headlamp. He also knows how to sex a rabbit in the dark, which is no mean feat.

Okay, perverts. That doesn't mean what you are all thinking it means. No beastiality was involved. Basically, you feel up the rabbit to find out if it is a girl or a boy. Since their parts are all hidden, this is a bit of an involved process. If something sticks out at you, it's a boy. My rabbit was an innie.

I am now the proud owner of an Amish rabbit. I'll have to think of a suitably Amish name...Rebekah? Anne? Hmmm. Well, I'll contemplate that for a bit.
Isn't she pretty? Bucky will be so excited to have a new sister-wife, come March.

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