Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Demo Via Cat

No mouse carcass or remains, but definite evidence of mouse hunting: wreckage strewn across the kitchen. Apparently, the mouse decided to take refuge behind some of my old china on the shelf under the open cabinet that houses my dishes. Apparently, a cat (or two) went after the mouse hiding behind the china. Apparently, some wrestling took place. Apparently, my old china couldn't handle the stress, leapt off the shelf, and crashed to the floor in an attempt to escape the melee.

Two plates, smithereens. Cat, unscathed and still hunting. Mouse, escalating from mildly annoying to must-be-destroyed-by-any-means-possible level of annoyance.

P.S. Mouse apparently is a sugar addict. Many mouse poos were left behind in my now empty sugar bowl.

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