Friday, January 27, 2012

They Arrived!

Just look how pretty those eggs look, in their new hot pink carton. Oooh la la, I tell you!

This is a temporary logo. Really. I do rather like it (it was a free hot pink chicken clip art!! Can you believe it? Pink!) but I think I need something a little more...flamboyant. I mean, if you are going to become a poultry mogul selling/giving eggs to three consistent customers, you are all about the fancy logo.

I keep wanting to open the fridge door and stare in at my new egg cartons. Is this healthy? Probably not. Is it making me happy on a snowy Friday afternoon? You betcha!


  1. Please tell me where you got PINK egg cartons! Those could be used for other things too ... though I hope to have hens (and eggs) this Spring)!

  2. Hi Catherine! They are carried by Randall Burkey, the poultry folks out of Texas. Good luck on getting your hens! I've had chickens for five years now, and wouldn't go back to being "chickenless". :-) They are so much fun, and the eggs are phenomenal!


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