Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a New Year!

It is 2012, and how fitting that a pristine, deep and lovely snow should fall. I always think that a new snow makes the world look fresh and smooth, like a blank canvas. Perfect analogy for a new year, isn't it? Anyhow, this is the view outside my office window this morning: my pine trees, boughs laden and gently waving in the gathering wind, and my neighbor's picturesque beater truck parked just so, giving me lovely view of its' rusted and debris-filled cargo hold. Ahh, the ambience of living in a rural village never ceases to amaze me...
After filling up on hot coffee, eggs and bacon, I headed out to excavate the animals. The chickens don't particularly like the snow, so I got an earful of poultry complaints. They were mildly molified when I produced left-overs from dinner last night (it was great, halibut with bananas, rice, and brocolli, but believe me, the company was even better) and a scoopful of scratch grains, as well as fresh water and a quart of kibble. The rabbits were in danger of roof collapse....well, not really, but the canvas roof was stretched pretty low. It is a breeze to clear off though, and kind of fun to wiggle and slide the clumps of snow off. It is impressive how dark a few inches of snow can make the interior of the bunny barn. No wonder why the Eskimos and survivalists realized that snow is actually a good insulator! Max the wonderdoodle and Phoebe the circus hound were having a great time frolicking in the new snow. I think fresh snow makes every dog channel their inner wolf, and dream of mushing across the icy tundra. Well, I like to think that anyway. Probably they are just excited to have new material to pee on.
Now I am back indoors, sipping yet more hot coffee and contemplating a Psych marathon. I love that show, so witty and so slapstick at the same time. It appeals to my strangely wired little brain in a very subtle way. Tomorrow is Day #2 of a New Year, and who knows what grand adventures await me. Today, I plan to relax and enjoy a snowy day.
P.S. Lucille Laverne won't fit in my car hut! It's not the end of the world, though. Her back end will squeeze in, so not too much snow will pile into the back.

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