Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Breaking News!

Today was a five egg day. That makes two such days in the past week.

I know. What makes for exciting news around here, really isn't that exciting. You should know, however, that I was originally going to post about the fantastic sandwich I had for lunch. It was really really weird (roasted beets and goat cheese with arugula and balasmic vinagrette on ciabatta), and really really good. I decided, however, to go with the exciting news of finding five eggs in the nest box. So you see what could have been in this blog post.

In other news, no mice have been seen or heard of in two days. I think they are just in hiding. Beezle the Hunter is on nightly patrol until further notice. Or summer. Whichever comes first, really. I am also looking into the possibility of buying a vintage "ham can" camper, which likely will need a lot of rehab (it was formerly someone's ice fishing house) but will have the character appropriate to me, traveling around and popping into unsuspecting campgrounds across America. I am hoping to cute-ify the interior, and possibly do some painting of the exterior as well. I think pink would be perfect, don't you? Maybe with a sexy airbrushed reclining chicken, too...Anyway, if this one doesn't pan out, I am sure that someone out there has a vintage camper trailer from the 1950s or '60s that will come along. I've been dreaming of black and white checkerboard linoleum flooring, a teensy tiny sleeping bunk, and funky curtains trimmed with bobble fringe. Wouldn't that just be a scream? I think I may have realized my life's calling: buy a truck, then acquire a beat-up camper to rehabilitate into greatness. You gotta dream big, people. Dream. Big.

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  1. Love the camper plans...maybe there will be "the" find during the 100 miler. One ? "will there be space for me in my 'reclining' years" :)


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