Saturday, January 7, 2012

Early Rising

Why am I up so early, you ask? It is Saturday, after all, a day of the week when I get to sleep in until the decadent hour of 7:30 AM. Trust me, I had all the plans in the world to stay in my snuggly bed until I had to get up, either due to animal-calls or just couldn't stay there without coffee for a moment longer.
Those were really nice plans. About 45 minutes ago, I woke up from a really strange dream involving lying on a sofa napping and being continually interrupted in said naps by phone calls, a TV turning on, etc. When I woke up in the dark early morning, in my comfortable bed, I realized that around me in the dark were strange shuffling noises. They moved from point to point around the room...and then I heard a distinctive chink-chink noise that is the lid of my milk glass container on the bedside table shifting. As I lay there, thinking "huh that's wierd, why would the lid shift", something leapt onto my pillow. Next to my head. TOUCHING my hair.
Holy shit. It was a mouse.
On. My. Bed.
On. My. Head.
Yowza!!!!!!! Can you say, so not sleeping any longer, three times fast?
I had suspicions of a mouse in the house for a couple of days, but nothing definite. No mouse trails of mouse poo, no nibbled bread or crackers or packaging. Apparently, this mouse has been making a bee-line into my upstairs root closet, and noshing on dried apple slices. (Well, the rabbits do love them, and they are distantly related to mice.) So here I sit, sheets in the washer, coffee brewing, and a nice snappy mouse trap baited, set, and placed in the closet upstairs. Here's hoping that Mr. Leaping Mouse is as entranced by peanut butter-cat food bait as he is by my dried apple slices.
I may go to bed tonight with a tennis racket, wearing a hat.

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