Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Blaaaaahs

So today was one of those days where it is gray. And it is cold. And everything seems to be covered by a thin layer of grimy slimy frozen schmutz. And I got maybe three hours of sleep, interspersed with stress dreams (let's leave it at "work life" is not part of my "happy life" right now).
There wasn't enough coffee in the world to give me a Pollyanna viewpoint on my day today. I had to spend all day, shmushing through icy parking lots, feeling like life was hitting me in the head with a brick, and act happy to be there. Because you can't be a grumpuss with a six year old with an earache. He doesn't care about your existential crisis of the moment; his ear freakin' hurts and you want to put a flashlight where?? Sigh. Some days, being a grownup is way sucky.
Eventually, I was allowed to wander home and escape. I am not going to answer the phone for anyone, I said to myself. I am not going to speak at all. I am not going to look at anything or listen to anything. I am going to Be. Left. Alone. That was my declaration upon entering the safe zone behind my door. Don't come a-knockin', because you may just get a rubber boot in the ass as I chase you away. I mean it.
So I did the chores, and I plonked myself on the computer in a vain attempt to find something cheerful. Nothing doing. Everything either annoyed me by its silliness, or reminded me of something I didn't have...oh yes, a serious case of the Poor Meeeees before 6 PM. Wah wah wah.
And then I looked over beside me, and saw this:
Who could possibly stay in a bad mood, looking at that furry face beaming with adoration?
Sigh. I guess I will survive a bad January day after all. But I'm still going to have a beer, dang it.

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